Hebei Hupai Aodi Cabinet Industry Co.,Ltd. was the earliest famous safe manufacturer in China, "Hupai" enjoy great prestige in the world, with its products remotely sold to Europe and America, Southeast Asia, Middle Asia and other more than forty countries and regions. The Company was a reformed enterprise of Hebei Tiger Group, and its predecessor was established in 1979. Through continuous efforts for nearly forty years, it has developed into a modern high-end equipment manufacturer with a registered capital of RMB 80.18 million, floor area of more than 300 mu, 268 employees, 59 R&D technicians, intelligent manufacturing robot production line, high-end intelligent digital control laser cutting machine and other advanced production equipment. 

Led by General Manager Li Huimin, the Company adheres to the operational concept of exploration and innovation, cooperation and win-win, and vigorously promote enterprise transformation with the market as guide. At the beginning of 2017, the Company invested heavily to introduce intelligent manufacturing production lines, and realized robot operation during blanking, bending, welding and spraying of intelligent gun and ammunition safe and safe, which significantly improved product process, reduced production costs and improved corporate core competition. Such technical transformation was highly recognized and strongly supported by local party committee and government, and was set up as benchmarking intelligent manufacturer.

The Company's product process design was completely done by SIOI WOrRS, and with annual capacity of 300 thousand sets, the Company is the largest gun and ammunition safe and safe manufacturer in China. Currently, the major products are divided as intelligent gun safe, intelligent ammunition safe, intelligent gun and ammunition safe, intelligent gun library, safe series products, vault door, mobile vault, kiosk bank, bank and hotel safe deposit box, intelligent control system and other four series, more than 80 types and over 200 specifications. In 2013, the Company carried out university-industry cooperation with Peking University, researched and developed the 4th generation of gun and ammunition safe with intelligent information management control system by using biological recognition technology and the Internet technology. The intelligent gun and ammunition safes researched and developed thereby conform to the Law of the People's Republic of China on Control of Guns, Regulations on the Control and Use of Police Guns by Public Security Organs, Regulations on Internal Affairs of People's Police of Public Security Organs, Level of Risk and Security Requirements for Guns (ammunition) Depot/storage Room, Dedicated Safe for Guns and Ammunition GA1051-2013 Standards, obtain China Compulsory Certification, and all of the products are qualified upon tests carried out by National Testing Center for Quality of Security & Safety Alarm System Products, Testing Center for Quality of Special Police Equipment, and Testing Center for Quality of Security & Police Electronic Product. Intelligent gun and ammunition safe products are purchased and used by several provinces, city and county public security bureau and Armed Police Forces in the public security system in China, and win praise and trust from users with their high quality and steady information control system, facilitating a new round of economic growth of the Company.  


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